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It’s not the organization that innovates –

but the people inside.

Come inside one of the fastest growing startup in the South Eastern Europe. We are more than happy to welcome you!

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About Us

In an increasingly digital world, physical connections matter more than ever. YOLO Technology is on a mission to make connections more impactful and more personal, by delivering uniquely personalized products, conveniently and affordably.

We strive to change the game – to disrupt the traditional industry by combining traditional and modern technologies.

HQ Video – Serbia

Production Facitilies – Serbia

Our Project

Nowadays, everything tends to go digital. Meetings, marketing, communication, data, memories. But what if one day all of that disappears?

That’s why we created a solution to preserve the most precious of all – memories.

YoloBook Product


We created a photo-printing app that allows users to order their prints directly from their

With 7 timeless products, our users can be sure that their photos are safely stored and turned into real-life photo books, photos and more.

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With our HQs and production facilites in Belgrade, Serbia, offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria and Turkey, we cover the Eastern Balkans and European Union markets.

Our vision is that one day, every home has its corner with our products, filled with emotions, happiness and memories.


Our Values


We are passionate about what we do. We are in love with our business. We give 101% of ourselves in it and deeply believe it will succeed. We are passionate about growing our community and team. This is our main driver in order to fulfill our mission.


No one can succeed without commitment. Our team has been committed since the day one to provide our beloved customers with the impeccable customer service, top-notch quality products and flawless customer experience.

Work fearlessly

If there’s fear there’s no progress. You have to go to the unknown so you can gain the knowledge and move your boundaries. Those who work fearlessly are not afraid of challenges, not afraid of competition,not afraid of failure.

Move fast

Better finished than perfect. Minimum viable product is better than unfinished, full-featured, but non-working app. We move fast, learn by the way, fix mistakes and solve problems. For us, perfect moment is now, not tomorrow and not yesterday.


We keep improving the quality of our products, our customer service and experience, our colleagues and employees knowledge and working space, our marketing strategies, apps, covers’ design. Quality is our best recommendation.

Change the game

We strive to change the game – to disrupt the traditional industry by combining traditional and modern technologies. Our main goal is to change the game – reverse the time, take printing photos back to life and enable future generations to bring back their memories just as we do.