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Board & Investors

Stefan Bogunović

Chairman & Co-Founder

From entrepreneurial family with two companies at Vine industry and auto-moto industry with more than 50+ employes.

5 years of experience at position of Chief production officer at Vine company and finished studies of industrial engineering. Machine and production expert.

Filip Milenković

Board Member & Co-Founder

More than 8 years of experience in marketing and organization. Leading the team in Philip Morris International, Red Bull and WorldVentures company. Involved in marketing strategies at CarGo technology, first Serbian ride sharing startup company. Bachelor at Faculty of Organizational Sciences in the field of modern management.

Ex CEO of YOLO Technology, since January the 1st, 2018 to February the 1st, 2020. Currently working as a full-time strategic advisor at YOLO Technology.

Nikola Majstorović

Board Member & Shareholder

More than 6 years in IT industry, MSc of management in software engineering. Co-owner of an IT agency with clients from all over the world and 15+ employees. Developed more than 10 successful applications for various startups, and created and developed YoloBook application and software from scratch.

Dušan Tašin

Board Member & Shareholder

More than 10 years in IT industry, more than 5 years in startup industry, and ex co-owner of Balloonera, Serbian startup focused on development of the space research software and hardware. Co-owner of branding & web agency, with clients from all over the world.Bachelor of Information Technologies, at Faculty of Organizational Sciences.

Tijana Stamenković

Board Member & Shareholder

More than 5 years in startup industry, starting in one of the leading Serbian startup at a time, that was acquired in 2016 by Go Daddy USA. Co-owner at branding & web agency, with clients from all over the world, Marketing & PR specialist. Created YoloBook visual identity, market position and brand from scratch. Bachelor in Management and Business at Faculty of Organizational Sciences.

Aleksandar Rnjak

Board Member & Shareholder

Young entrepreneur, with more than 10 years of experience in HoReCa industry. Started his very first business when he was 18 years old, now he is an owner of more than 10 businesses – including restaurants, caffes, apartments, etc.

Vuk Guberinić

Board Member & Shareholder

Vuk has over five years of international experience in business development and financial analysis. He is a graduate of Greensboro College and holds an MBA degree from St. John’s University. He works on international expansion of one software company from Belgrade – the first Serbian ride-sharing app. His aspirations, as well as focus of his studies, remain in the private equity investments and financial advisroy sector.

Stevan Radak

Board Member & Investor

Serial angel investor and founder of 1st Serbian seed capital fund with 10+ years of experience from reputable international investment banks (including UniCredit, Deutsche Bank, E&Y). Experienced M&A professional passionate about disrupting the sports industry.

Dragan Popović

Board Member & Investor

Dragan Popovic is the owner and president of AIGO Business System, Atom Partner, System One, DPF and UBS. He graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade.The business began more than 20 years ago adapting core business needs to the market, anticipating future business needs and trends. Today, the Group has nearly 200 employees and each of the companies has a well-developed vision and mission and a clear purpose for its existence and business. The total turnover of all entities is EUR 50 million.