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Team Members

Leadership Team

HQ Serbia

Stefan Bogunović

Chief Executive Officer

From entrepreneurial family with two companies at Vine industry and auto-moto industry with more than 50+ employes. 5 years of experience at position of Chief production officer at Vine company and finished studies of industrial engineering. Machine and production expert.

Nikola Majstorović

Chief Technology Officer

More than 6 years in IT industry, MSc of management in software engineering. Co-owner of an IT agency with clients from all over the world and 15+ employees. Developed more than 10 successful applications for various startups, and created and developed YoloBook application and software from scratch.

Tijana Stamenković

Chief Marketing Officer

More than 5 years in startup industry. Co-owner at branding & web agency, with clients from all over the world. Marketing & PR specialist. Created YoloBook visual identity, market position and brand from scratch. Bachelor in Management and Business at Faculty of Organizational Sciences.

Jelena Milašinović

Chief Operations Officer

Master of Economic Diplomacy, years of experience in administrative affairs, working in foreign companies. Currently responsible for all the company operations, taking care of administration and HR activities.

Smiljka Sekulić

Head of Logistics

Bachelor in Operations Management at Faculty of Organizational Sciences. Leading YOLO Technology logistics operations since the beginning. Now in charge of leading logistics team and communicating with all key stakeholders involved in the delivery process.

Aleksandra Marinković

Head of Production

MSc in Operations Management at Faculty of Organizational Sciences. Responsible for key production activities and communication with supplies providers, AIGO business systems and XEROX company.

Marko Burzan

Head of Legal

MSc in Intellectual Property Law, specialized in IT industry, currently on PhD studies at Faculty of Law. Engaged in three Serbian IT startups, full time employed in YOLO Technology, responsible for all legal and corporate contracts and activities.

Team Members

HQ Serbia

Marina Vukojević

Marketing Manager

Nevena Zagorac

Head of Community Management

Savo Đorđić

Graphic Designer & Photographer

Ivan Gabrić

Control Manager

Jelena Janković

Office Assistant

Emilija Manojlović

Community Manager

Ornela Ilin

Community Manager

Croatian Team

Croatia Office

Dea Pavić

Head of Croatia & EU Office

Iva Bugarin

Community Manager

Martina Strapač

Customer Support

Franka Romić

Customer Support

Romanian Team

Romania Office

Kristina Manču

Head of Romania Office

Anastasia Patrisia Doban

Community Manager

BIH Team

Bosnia & Herzegovina Office

Jelena Ristić

Head of BIH Office

Turkish Team

Istanbul Office

Lejla Vidilnić

Head of Turkish Office